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New Faces in the Executive Cabinet: Dylan Schroeder 

How many presidents do you have? Think it’s just one, that pesky ol’ POTUS role? Hate to tell you you’re wrong but… get ready to welcome your latest and greatest SGA President: Dylan Schroeder. A powerful member of the SGA since 2018, Dylan gets ready to take over the Presidency this coming 2023-2024 term.

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Cornhole Tournament

Holi Event

Photo Credit: Dakota


Lessons Learned at the Career Fair

As it turns out, landing a job has much less to do with your resume than it feels like it should. Instead, it’s almost entirely grounded in your ability to connect with a stranger, and to give them the confidence that you can handle yourself and solve problems, as STEM is largely about just that, the ability to think through and solve problems in a system, the qualifications you have are just proof that you know what to consider.

Geology is Hard Core
(and not just because of the solid inner core)



NMT Dining
DelightFul Event


A new day, another empty seat.
The teacher looked at the newest empty seat in her classroom. This time it was one of
the young band boys. Before him was the quiet girl. For the past month kids from her class had
been disappearing one by one.

A trend in espresso beverages has revealed to the world the wonderful weirdness of orange juice with a shot of espresso. Growing to love the drink is easy as the flavors combine easily. However when brought up in conversation their reaction to the drink conceptually is not even one of “ick” or “ew,” but one of actual outrage and discomfort. What's so weird about mixing the two together?


The Renaissance Faire is a very special time of year. Tony Estes, a vendor at the Tech Ren Faire,  says, “People get to be themselves or get to be someone else for the day, it’s what I like about Comic-Con too.” After seeing the scale of the 14th Annual Santa Fe Renaissance Faire in Santa Fe, it’s apparent that this is exactly the case. Of the three thousand attendees, at least half of those present came as pirates, knights, and faeries. Tech’s Ren Faire, was of course, small by comparison. However, it was still packed dense with humans, elves, and potential.


Make the Most of Socorro

Grace O'Leary

Socorro can be difficult to live in when your new or don't know the right spots. This can be lethal to your career here at Tech. Paydirt takes you (yes, you) through some of Socorro's most exciting leisure spots. 


Megan Hein, a NMT student, writes an open letter to the Title IX Committee on their choice in wording in a required training for students.

Gym Photo (N).jpg

Getting into fitness and the gym can be tough but Journalist Rains breaks down the basics and explains the gym to people interested in fitness at all levels.

Hate watching movies? Want to know what's up with a movie before paying half your tuition in snacks? Student Submission from Antonio Arant takes us through his critical take on Bullet Train.


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