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Meet the Staff

Jordan McMillan.jpg


Jordan McMillan

I’m Jordan, one of the photographers for Paydirt. I’m a sophomore studying chemistry with a concentration in biochemistry. Some of my favorite things to do include roller skating, watching movies, dancing and hanging out with NMT Intervarsity. There isn’t much to me because something as simple as a pebble or my dinosaur converse can make me happy. 

Cassandra Ibarra (CJ).jpg


CJ Ibarra

I am Cassandra Ibarra (A.k.a. CJ), one of the photographers for SGA. It is unclear whether I am a Junior or Sophomore so if you find out let me know! I am currently working on my Psychology degree and I love to do many things including swimming, waterpolo, volleyball, martial arts, and playing video games. I’m super excited to be working with SGA this year and can’t wait to see you guys around campus!


Editor in Chief 

Alexandra Sartori

Alexandra…Editor-in-Chief…writes occasionally…hand callus collector…made of Redbull and coffee…comma fanatic…”studies” geology and astrophysics…only wears sunscreen on tattoos…has opinions???

Paydirt Layout Editor 

Meadow Crise

I’m Meadow, the Layout Editor! Currently, I’m a Junior and my degree is Technical Communication with a depth in Geology. Fun fact….. I drink more tea than water.



D. Rains

Rains is a materials engineering student and a Jack of all trades. They plan to use their writing to broaden both their own horizons and those of others, learning and sharing new hobbies and skills.

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