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Letter from the Editor

Alexandra Sartori

Oh my gosh. Wow. Can I just say that I am SO excited to be writing this right now. This is my first ever Letter from the Editor. So, hi! I’m Alexandra, I’m the new Editor in Chief of Paydirt. Now, some of you may recognize my name if you’ve been a longtime Paydirt fan…I’m an old Journalist! I worked here for 3 semesters under that role and I am so ecstatic to be back like this. 


So you might’ve noticed that Paydirt has a biiiiiit of a different feel. We’re totally digital this semester! This has been a dream in the works and we’re so stoked to get to roll it out this year for you guys. It’s definitely a bit of change, having to switch from lively paper printouts to the uncaring void of your phone BUT less paper waste is always a good thing. Now you can even screenshot your favorite article to share with friends (that’s something kids these days do, right?). Besides this digitization, Paydirt will still be

 your friendly ol’ Paydirt. 


Not to overload you with more exciting news buuuuuut…I’m happy to announce that we will be bringing back the Yearbook this year! The last time we had one of these was back in 2018! I can’t tell you too much yet (very top secret stuff right here), but keep an eye out for updates coming!


It’s the start to another semester guys, the onslaught of these things are RELENTLESS. Anyways whether it be your first semester, last semester, or somewhere in the middle, keep checking in on us here at Paydirt. We’ll be posting new content fairly frequently! Ok, ok, bye for now!

                             -Alexandra Sartori

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